18 May 2011

It’s almost the end of another financial year.

The first half of this year has been a busy one for us, our client base has seen steady growth with a strong focus on project management and property maintenance. The general feel in the industry is a cautious confidence. Interest rate issues are a continuing ‘hot topic’, as well as the rising cost of living! .........all very relevant.

So why the cautious confidence, we hear you ask ?

Well let’s explain in greater detail.

The building industry has been, and will always continue to be a major factor when interest rates and inflation are concerned.

The immediate effect of even a marginal rise is very clear, and the belt tightening begins; the more the increase, the tighter the belt, and fundamentally that’s what ‘the powers that be’ are hoping for. With that in mind, it’s apparent that the squeeze affects everyone, including our industry, and new home contracts slow as a result. Let’s take a moment to view the ‘glass half full’ and take a closer look at ‘cause and effect’.

The new home buyer/seller, the investor, and even the risk taker can clearly see a ‘wait and see’ attitude is the best tact, and perhaps rightly so. ‘That’s the cause’.

The ‘effect’ on the other hand is the possibility of spending smaller amounts on renovating or extending the property you already own, to achieve your dream sooner without the excessive costs (and potential headaches), as well as a perception that if an existing investment property is already owned, keeping it in good condition, keeps a tenant of good condition. So ‘The effect’ becomes an opportunity to continue to provide a service streamlined to those clients and their requirements and seize the ‘glass half full’. There is no doubt the following months are certain to contain challenges for all of us and that’s where the ‘cautious confidence’ we mentioned earlier comes to mind.

Our company prides itself on a foundation based on these fundamental practices and we look forward to being of service for  you, and any of your future projects.             

                                         * NEWS ARTICLE   - “Finance costs hit building industry”



28 November 2010

As 2010 draws to a close we would like to send a greeting for the festive season ahead.

It is also a good opportunity for us to spend some time with our most valuable asset ‘Our Families’.

On reflection of the passed year, several items come to mind and deserve mention.

The general feeling at years start was one of confidence and buoyancy in the industry, customer enquires were wide and varied delivering constant challenges for us, which we’re pleased to say were all resolved successfully.

Mid year, and with a dry winter this only seemed to  emphasized our continuing drought problems and the need to strengthen future sustainability and implementation issues.

The recent predicted election jitters and consequent change of power seemed to have little affect on consumer confidence, at least in the short term anyway.

This acts as a timely reminder though that 2010 is sure to offer the same exciting opportunities, and a careful, confident approach is the course we plan to travel.

To our existing clients, from all our families, to you and your loved ones.

Merry Christmas. Have a safe, happy and prosperous 2010.

      Thank you for your continued support through the year, and we look forward to being of service in year ahead.


ON THE JOB .............

14 April 2009

As part of our ongoing development, continued enrolment in courses offered by the Master Builders has been a priority. The following courses have been attended in the last few months and passed with full accreditation ;

  • Red Card (industry induction)
  • Testing and Tagging (power leads and tools)
  • Non-Friable Asbestos removal (class B)

Further to that, and as part of OH&S requirements we are currently enrolled in a building industry first aid (level 2) course, a result is pending.

That’s all well and good, but our business is building, so between all those courses a little bit of elbow grease needs to be used,   ........until our next update that’s where you will find us.


                              Ron A’speculo

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